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Panches accuse Panchayat Secretary of arbitrariness

Panches accuse Panchayat Secretary of arbitrariness


Tendukheda (AboutGyan News). The Sarpanch, Secretary along with the Panchs should be aware of all the construction works in the Panchayats, but there are many such Panchayats in the block where the Secretary does not consider it appropriate to give any information to the Panches. One such gram panchayat is Kotkheda where the Panchs have accused the posted secretary Vijay Tiwari of arbitrariness. To curb which the Panchs have given a written memorandum to the District CEO. In which, along with the investigation of the construction works done in the entire Gram Panchayat, a demand has been made to give information about the amount received in the Gram Panchayat.

Even today 40 years old status

Kotkheda Gram Panchayat is a Gram Panchayat under Nauradehi Sanctuary. That is why officials rarely go here, that is why the schemes of the government here are operated on paper. Panchayat’s Panch Jamna Prasad told that the condition of the village which was forty years ago is the same today. The amount of government has come in the Gram Panchayat, but its payment has not been done on paper. There is nothing on the spot today. That is why all the Panches have given a memorandum to the District CEO five days ago to get all the construction works of the Gram Panchayat investigated. Panch Balkesh Singh told that the arbitrariness of the secretary is going on in his gram panchayat. Whenever the people of the village ask for any information, the secretary talks about giving information under the right to information and when they ask for information from the right to information, he does not give it.

Gram Sabha was not organized

Panch Murat Singh said that in all Gram Panchayats, Gram Sabhas are held from time to time, but till date no Gram Sabha has been held in Kotkheda Gram Panchayat. The secretaries make their own proposals and get them signed from house to house by coming from house to house and do not get them signed by those who oppose. Similarly, Barelal told that many farm ponds and other roads have come in the village, which are still incomplete and there is no information about the amount coming to the gram panchayat. Therefore, everyone has given a written complaint in the name of Tendukheda District CEO and demanded inspection of the entire record of the Gram Panchayat in the presence of everyone. Also, the construction works which have been done in the last six years in the Kotkheda Gram Panchayat should be investigated.

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Pancho had come to Tendukheda district on June 1 and submitted a memorandum to the Panchayat Inspector in the absence of the CEO, but till date no official has visited the spot and inquired about the memorandum. Regarding the allegations, Secretary Vijay Tiwari said that Pancho has given a memorandum due to the dispute between Sarpanch and Pancho. Regular Gram Sabhas are held in the Gram Panchayat, construction work is also completed and their CC has also been issued. Regarding the memorandum given by the Panches of Kotkheda Gram Panchayat, Tendukheda District CEO Vinod Jain said that he has received information from you, he takes information regarding the complaint.