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People have been troubled for two and a half hours after getting vaccinated

People have been troubled for two and a half hours after getting vaccinated


Dindori (Newdunia Representative).

Vaccination is being carried out across the district to prevent corona virus infection. Vaccination work was affected for more than about two and a half hours across the district on Monday due to the commencement of pre-determined strike by contractual health workers. People started arriving at the center built in the government excellent school located at the district headquarters at nine in the morning to get the corona vaccine. By 10 am, more than half a hundred people had reached the vaccination center, but due to lack of nursing staff there, people had to face problems. In this regard, when talking to CMHO Dr. Ramesh Marawi, he talked about making alternative arrangements. The vaccination, which started at 9 am, started at quarter to 11 pm after the staff arrived. During this period, people continued to bother for vaccination for about a quarter to two hours. Some people have also seen those who have reached the vaccination center two to three times, but due to the process of vaccination only 100 people over 18 years of age had to return. Bharat Lal, a deputy ranger posted under Mehandwani forest area in the district, also reached Dindori for the third time to get the second dose of the vaccine. He told that he was vaccinated in April, which is not presently in Mehandwani, due to which he has been sent to Dindori. The deputy ranger told that he too reached Dindori at nine in the morning, but vaccination had not started here, due to which he continued to be troubled.

Nine hundred people got vaccinated

District Vaccination Officer Rakesh Dongre said that the contractual health workers had trouble in the initial stages due to the strike, but later they were advised to take services in vaccination. He said that about 900 people have been vaccinated in a total of 46 centers across the district on Monday. From Monday, the process of vaccination has been started for people above 18 years of age in Kisalpur, Elbow Deori, Manikpur and Bichhiya. On the very first day, a large number of youths arrived enthusiastically to get vaccinated. It was told that there will be no vaccination across the district on Tuesday and Wednesday. Now on Thursday, Corona vaccine will be introduced. It was told that according to the instructions from the government, people above the age of 18 years will no longer need to be registered online. On arrival at the vaccination center, they will be registered and vaccinated immediately. Significantly, many people in the district were getting upset due to this and the pace of vaccination was also not increasing.