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The incomplete scheme was inaugurated by the Prime Minister, the people of Narmada coast longing for water

The incomplete scheme was inaugurated by the Prime Minister, the people of Narmada coast longing for water

Publish Date: | Mon, Apr 2022 : 16 AM (IST)

Rakesh Kumrawat Dharampuri

Year of the City Keeping in view the estimated population of 2043 people are not getting water from the Chief Minister’s Urban Drinking Water Scheme implemented. This plan got lost due to the negligence of the responsible. Surprisingly, four years ago this incomplete project was also inaugurated by the Prime Minister. The domestic connections given under the scheme were destroyed lying outside the houses. In such a situation, this gift of government is not coming for the benefit of the people. Yes, the broken and damaged pipes lying outside the houses are definitely irritating the people.

Despite being settled on the banks of river Narmada, the citizens are facing water crisis for decades. In view of this, in the year 2016 the city got a huge gift in the form of Chief Minister Urban Drinking Water Scheme. Most of the connections put for water distribution in the houses under the scheme were damaged outside the houses. Even today water distribution is being done in the houses only through the decades old pipeline.

Water is not getting even after four years of its launch

E-declaration of incomplete scheme of Chief Minister urban drinking water from Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the country was done on June 2018. 2018 Assembly elections were to be held. Prior to that, the Prime Minister had inaugurated the various works done across the state virtually simultaneously.

The scheme from which 2043 was being said after the distribution of water every day, from the present water supply. Not getting a drop. Even now, water is being distributed in the city without any special pressure from the decades-old pipeline at an interval of two-three days. In such a situation, people are not getting water supply.

Why the launched scheme was not started

when Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched this scheme. Till then only the filter plant (water purification equipment) was constructed under this scheme. Whereas in a large part of the city, connections were not made to the houses including laying of pipelines. Even after four years, the responsible officials did not pay heed to it. The contractor worked arbitrarily and the officials gave full support. As a result, the said plan remained in limbo. Water is being distributed directly to the people of the city through wells from four to five decades old drinking water lines. Even the whole city is not getting the treated water from the filter plant.

Water crisis occurs in summer

Water distribution is being done from the old line in more than half of the area. Due to the distribution of water in two-three days, the situation of water crisis arises in those houses where there is no storage system. Especially these conditions are created in poor settlements. Due to this people have to wander for drinking water.

Officer unable to answer

CMO Ramprasad Bhavre told that old line at some places in the city Water distribution is being done from He could not answer in relation to the lack of water distribution in the connections given under the Chief Minister’s Urban Drinking Water Scheme. )- 16 May 2016 the work order was issued.

– 7 crore 65 lakh The total cost was Rs.

– 3 crore 90 lakh 8 thousand rupees The loan is from HUDCO.

– 2043 estimated population (approximately

Thousand) The scheme was made considering the basis.

– 16 Thousand 30 meter pipeline was proposed to be laid.

– 300 liters per person per day Water Distribution.

– 2 Overhead Tanks (Water Tanks) were proposed, but built only 2019 Same tank of KL capacity.

– 4.30 MLD Capacity Filter Plant has been made.

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