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Variants in place of Kovid block immunity, due to which cases of black fungus increased.

Variants in place of Kovid block immunity, due to which cases of black fungus increased.


Indore, AboutGyan Representative. The replacement variant of Kovid has blocked the immunity of many patients this time. This is the reason that this time the cases of black fungus have increased in the post covid patients. This has been revealed in the study conducted by MGM Medical College to find out the reasons for more than 200 patients admitted to the hospital for black fungus.

According to Dr. VP Pandey, HOD of the Department of Medicine of the Medical College, we have analyzed the history of the patients by asking them the history of the disease. It has been revealed that there are many patients who are neither admitted to the hospital nor given steroid. Even after this, he had an infection of black fungus. The study has just been done at the initial level. It has been revealed that instead of the virus, the room has blocked people’s immunity this time. Due to this, patients of black fungus infection have increased. In such a situation, after getting a Kovid infection, patients should take nutritious diet, yoga and exercise to improve their immunity. Apart from this, the patient should keep an eye on the symptoms of black fungus infection so that he can be treated when the disease is caught at the initial stage. A study of 210 patients in MYH has revealed that 44 percent of the patients are those who were not kept on oxygen during Kovid infection. Not only this, 174 patients were given etridide. Of the 210 patients suffering from black fungus infection, 59 are women and 151 are men. It is clear that Black Fungus caught men more than women. It was also seen in the study of these patients that they all had sugar or some other chronic disease as well. According to Dr. Pandey, there are misconceptions about zinc and steam causing black fungus. Only those patients who have high sugar level are at high risk of black fungus.

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