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MP Urban Body Election 2022: Election noise will stop from this evening

MP Urban Body Election 2022: Election noise will stop from this evening

Publish Date: | Mon, 04 Jul 728 : 04 AM (IST)

Jabalpur, Naiduniya Representative. The campaigning in the five urban bodies of the district, which are included in the first phase of urban body elections, will be closed from 5 pm today. Will go Candidates contesting elections will be able to make contact after this time limit only by door-to-door contact. Therefore, before five o’clock in the evening, all the candidates will be campaigning in a smoky style.

In the first phase of urban body elections, five urban bodies of the district, Municipal Corporation Jabalpur, Municipality Sihora and Panagar And in the Municipality Bhedaghat and Barela, on July 6, voting will be held from 7 am to 5 pm. According to the instructions of the Election Commission, in these urban bodies of the district included in the first phase, no person will be able to hold any public meeting or call a procession in connection with the election after 5 pm on July 4. Along with this, he will not even attend and will not be able to address.

According to the State Election Commission, after the time fixed for the end of the poll 48 No election related matter can be demonstrated to the public before the hour by moving pictures, electronic or print media or by any other means. The Commission has said that during this period, for the purpose of attracting voters or for election related campaigning, organizing or organizing concerts, theatrical performances or entertainment or entertainment programs or their arrangements will not be made. If any person violates these rules, then he will be punished with imprisonment of either description for two years or two thousand rupees under the Madhya Pradesh Local Authority (Election Offenses) Amendment Act 2014. shall be punished with fine of rupees or with both.

It is possible that in the last phase of the election campaign, the mayor and councilor candidates may campaign in a rash manner in the remaining hours.

Posted By: Mukesh Vishwakarma

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