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48 corona infected, three killed

48 corona infected, three killed


Chhatarpur (AboutGyan Representative). 48 corona positives were found in the district on Wednesday. While three people died. On Wednesday, 121 patients were discharged from Vibhna Kovid Care Centers and HomeIsolation on recovery.

According to the Corona Health Bulletin released by the CMHO, 48 corona were found infected in the district on Wednesday, including 10 in Chhatarpur city. CMHO Dr Pathoria told that 164 samples were sent from Bundelkhand Medical College Sagar for investigation from RTPCR, out of which 40 samples were found positive. Of the 156 sample antigen kits tested in the district, 08 of them have reported positive reports. According to the Corona Health Bulletin, there have also been 03 deaths due to corona in the past 24 hours in the district. Till date, total deaths have been 119. A total of 9 thousand 373 corona positives have been found so far in the district. Of these, 8 thousand 716 people have become healthy. 538 people are still treated.

121 patients recovered

Chhatarpur. On Wednesday, 121 Corona-infected people recovered and thrived in the district. Of these, 113 are cured by staying in home isolation. Apart from these, 04 patients have been discharged from Kovid Care Center of District Hospital, 03 from Kovid Care Center, 01 from Kovid Center located on Mahoba Road. The district hospitals that have recovered include 62-year-old Uttam Singh, 60-year-old Ramesh Sen, 40-year-old Prakash Beldar and 38-year-old Manoj Chaurasia. 23-year-old Shivam Tiwari from Kovid Center on Mahoba Road and Ramswaroop, Sangeeta and Kamlapat from Lavkushanagar were sent home with good wishes from the ambulance of the hospital.