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75th Foundation Day of NaiDunia: NaiDunia also carves out unadulterated ideas like a mature jeweler

75th Foundation Day of NaiDunia: NaiDunia also carves out unadulterated ideas like a mature jeweler


Mahendra Singh Gehlot Indore Road, Betma

This is from June 2018. After many years of offering sacrifices in the literal Mahayagya, virtue emerged on that day. AboutGyan took an innovative initiative and invited letter writers to the AboutGyan office. In a very soulful and proud ceremony, the guest writers were putting their thoughts on the table in the dignified presence of the then editor Ashish Vyas, Ishwar Sharma and Ravindra Soni. When it came my turn, the thought had become nil while speaking due to excessive emotion. There was doubt that there would be any grit. By awakening all the accumulated words and thought power in my mind, I said in my speech that publishing a letter in ‘AboutGyan’ means getting the ‘Nobel Prize’ for literature. From that day, this example became so popular that since then, congratulating other letter writers on the publication of ‘Last Letter’, it is called ‘Nobel Prize’. The title of Khabar Mein Nai Duniya on the second day of the program was also based on this and it was also prominently highlighted in the statement published along with my picture.

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After this incident, I have always been proud of the fact that in the newspapers which are considered as Gita-like, the editorial board of NaiDunia has seldom sent its broken unsaid thoughts in a garland of words. He sculpts and prints like a mature jeweler. This leaves an indelible mark on the letter. Just as the Kankar flowing in the river becomes Shankar after being established in the pagoda, similarly the paper published in AboutGyan also gives the privilege of taking a holy dip in the eternal Ganges of literature, creating a feeling of rising from the surface to the infinite sky. The process of social concern and innovation continued uninterruptedly.