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Bhopal Coronavirus update: 424 patients found 389 newly infected

Bhopal Coronavirus update: 424 patients found 389 newly infected


Bhopal Coronavirus Update: Bhopal (Navdunia Representative). The corona infection in Bhopal is gradually decreasing due to continuous efforts. The report of 389 people in the city is positive 50 days later. Compared to positive, 424 patients have left home completely healthy. At the same time, four people died of corona infection. 7018 samples have been taken which have reached the lab for examination. Here, the cremation of 29 infected bodies has been performed under the Kovid Protocol. Out of this, 23 dead bodies entered the Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat. Of these, 16 were corona body and seven normal body. Of these 16 infected bodies, six were from Bhopal and 10 from other districts. Here, 19 bodies were cremated at Subhash Nagar Vishram Ghat. Eight of these corona were infected. At the same time, three bodies were cremated at Bairagarh Vishram Ghat. Of this, two corona-infected bodies were cremated. Similarly, in Jhada graveyard, one of the four dead bodies of the infected body was buried under the Kovid Protocol. Due to reduced number of patients, the Kovid Care Center running in the Academy of Administration has been closed since Thursday. It was launched in April. The government had entrusted its operations to the Narmada Health Group. There were currently 11 patients admitted here, who have been discharged. At present, less than 10 patients are admitted in 1025 beds in Kovid centers of the district.

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