Bhopal Crime News: Compounder arrested for molesting daughter of Corona patient in hospital, sent to jail


Bhopal Crime News: Bhopal, Navdunia Representative. The Ashoka Garden police arrested the accused, who had been molesting a student who had stopped to look after the corona-infected mother in a private hospital in the city. The accused was arrested from his home. After his arrest, he was produced in the court from where he was sent to jail.

He escaped from a hospital job after committing the alleged crime. The victim had complained to the CM helpline. The matter reached the police station. Later, the police registered a case and arrested the accused.

Let us know that the 18-year-old girl is a resident of Ashta (Sehore) and is studying and living in Bhopal. In April 2021, her mother Corona was infected. The woman had admitted the mother to Asha Multispeciality Hospital, located on the eighty feet road of Ashoka Garden, for treatment. During treatment, she stayed in the hospital for several days. On April 28, hospital compounder Sunil committed obscene acts while sleeping at night with the young woman. When the girl made a ruckus in the hospital, the accused part stood up. The next day, the girl created a lot of uproar in the hospital and she had taken her mother with her to have her mother discharged from the hospital.

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After the incident came to light, Ashoka Garden Police arrested Sunil Kumar’s father Dayaram Jaiswal 19 years from Ashoka Garden.

Did join the hospital a few months ago

In this entire case, the police gathered information that the accused Sunil had joined the hospital a few months ago. Before that he used to work in another private hospital. After the incident, he himself quit his job and escaped.

MP CM Shivraj gave this response on 7 years of PM Modi's government, watch the video
MP CM Shivraj gave this response on 7 years of PM Modi’s government, watch the video

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Case of excesses has also come to light in BMHRC

The BMHRC in Nishatpura area was abused by a hospital employee along with a woman who was corona infected. The police were questioned on the matter. Later the police arrested the accused and sent him to jail.

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