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Bhopal News: People moving through closed colonies on Kolar main road increased the risk of corona

Bhopal News: People moving through closed colonies on Kolar main road increased the risk of corona


Bhopal, Navdunia Representative, Bhopal News:. Kolar, a suburb of the capital Bhopal, has more corona infection than other areas. In view of this, here on the instructions of the district administration, the police is strictly following the Corona curfew. Police has barricaded the place to prevent movement of people. More strict police force is becoming a problem for such people, who are going to other hospitals and Covid testing centers in the city for screening of symptoms of corona infection.

In fact, the police has closed several routes along the barricades on Kolar main road with the aim of stopping the movement of people unnecessarily. In such a situation, people have to move from inside the colonies instead of the main road. Due to the location of barricades on the Kolar main road from Gehinkhera Canal to Sarvadharma, people have to reach the road on the roads of Fine Avenue Phase-2, the inner road of Lalitha Nagar, Danishkunj, Vineet Kunj to Banjari. After this, due to the barricades being installed at Bima Kunj, one has to walk through Ganapati Enclave and reach the main road. Similarly, due to the closure of the path from Mandakini to Sarvadharma, there is a movement of going through the inner road. Due to this, people are taking 20 to 30 minutes more time to cross the Kolar main road, while from the Wheatkheda canal crossroads to Sarvadharma, 10 minutes are reached in the normal days.

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Barricades on the Kolar main road are closed from Hone. In such a situation, doctors, nurses and other employees with cavid duty are also facing problems. Dr. Haredra Singh Sodhi said that he had to go around to reach Sarvadharma from Danish Kunj. Due to the direct road closure from Bima Kunj, one has to reach the main road via Ganpati Enclave. Similarly, Surendra Singh, a resident of Wheatkheda, told that Nayapura Tiraha via Fine Avenue, then Dishikunj via Danishkunj and Vinitkunj, then wandering back to the intersection of Sarvadharma and Kolar Canal. It has to be a lot of trouble. The increased risk of corona from increasing traffic on the inner routes of the colonies cannot be ruled out.