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Burhanpur News: If the high speed train passed, then the front part of Chandni station building collapsed

Burhanpur News: If the high speed train passed, then the front part of Chandni station building collapsed


Burhanpur News: Burhanpur / Nepanagar (AboutGyan Representative). The front section of the Chandni station’s RCC building collapsed between Burhanpur and Nepanagar on Wednesday evening between four and half past five o’clock. It is being told that during this time, the Pushpak Express was passing at a high speed. ASM Pradeep Pawar came out to give it a green signal. Then a large part of the building collapsed. Due to this, the operation of about a dozen trains was affected till 7.15 pm. At the same time, the work of breaking the damaged building has also been started. According to officials, construction of the new building is being started immediately.

In the accident, the glass of the windows of the station superintendent’s room burst and the boards fell. The debris of the next part of the building was scattered on the station premises. During this time, four more employees were sitting in the building. Seeing the building fall, he ran out and saved his life. On receiving the information about the incident, several officials including ADRM Manoj Sinha reached the spot via road from Bhusawal, while some officials also came from Khandwa. At the same time, every train coming from the up and down trek was stopped at Outer or other stations and proceeded ahead of the loop line.

This will probably be the first case in the history of the railway, while the building of a station has fallen in such a way. According to departmental sources, this building was constructed about fourteen years ago in 2007. Apart from this, some part was also built later. Due to the absence of pillar debris in the debris scattered in the station premises, it is believed that the contractor concerned erected the building without pillar.

This is probably the reason why this building could not withstand the vibration caused by the passing of trains. After the accident, a crowd of villagers had gathered and there was panic in the station for hours. During this time, there was also a season of thunderstorms. The reason was that there were no passengers in the station premises during the accident, otherwise a big accident could have taken place. According to railway officials, railway engineers who reached the spot have also checked the trek around the station. A departmental inquiry into the accident has been started.