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Corona Fighters: Hospital morale did not decrease

Corona Fighters: Hospital morale did not decrease


Indore, Corona Fighters. If you have confidence, patience and positive thinking, then the biggest problem can be overcome. In the same way, the couple over 65 years old has defeated Corona. Mukesh Jaiswal and Chanchala Jaiswal stayed in the hospital for 12 days. During this time, his morale did not decrease. While staying in the hospital, he also kept giving positive messages to other patients to reduce stress. He used to do pranayam every morning and maintain his eating habits. Mukesh Jaiswal says that many people get scared due to corona infection whereas it should be countered rather than scared. If we take medicines on time with the advice of a doctor, we get relief very soon.

We are very happy with the services of doctors and nursing staff. They are serving patients like family members in times of crisis. They are also working to encourage the patients. Now we have come home, but now we are paying more attention to food and drink. It is necessary to fight the corona, to keep our body strong. More important than this is confidence. This makes it easier to defeat Corona. People who are undergoing treatment in hospital or at home should not take any stress. Eat plenty of nutritious food and rest. Family members also keep talking to the patient continuously. Pay special attention to their food and drink. Stay in touch with the doctor as well.

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