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Corona news: 50 beds in Berasia and 10 beds in Najirabad

Corona news: 50 beds in Berasia and 10 beds in Najirabad


Corona news: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). Considering the possibility of a third wave in Berasia, an additional ward of 50 beds and 10 beds in Najirabad. Within the next two months, 76 thousand people should be vaccinated. This is to say that Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang Vishwas Sarang. He was reviewing the condition of corona infection at the Barcia SDM office. During this time, along with the Kill Corona campaign, he instructed to motivate people for vaccination and collect house-to-house data. Instructions have been given to create separate desks in all SDM offices to give information and benefits of special scheme launched during Kovid. Fight against the third wave and be fought in a better way. During this, the Minister also instructed the District Panchayat CEO to include journalists and locals at the ward level in the Kill Corona campaign. There itself "My family, Corona Free Family ”, asked to run a selfie campaign. After that the Corona Free Panchayat Campaign should also be conducted with the representatives of the people and awareness among the people about fighting the corona and staying alert. The minister said that my Panchayat and my family Corona Free Campaign will also start. In which 55 teams can form teams and run a campaign to get the vaccine circulated from house to house. Do not waste the vaccine at the vaccine centers. Everyone should keep in mind that the remaining vaccin is also used. He said that people should also be informed about the vaccine centers and should be informed about it two days in advance. Dondi should be beaten from Kotwar to village so that people can get information about vaccine centers. Berasia instructed to the SDM that vaccine control room should also be made at the tehsil level. So that coordination can work in a better way. The village sarpanch, elderly and respectable persons should be vaccinated with priority. He said that all doctors practicing private practice, special training camps should be organized for nurses, homeopathic Ayurvedic patients, wherein protocols for treatment of patients should be explained. Local MLA Vishnu Khatri along with Collector Lavania also inspected the Kovid Care Center in the district premises and expressed satisfaction over the arrangements. The Minister said that the complaints of water, drinking water, hand pumps should be improved in 7 days and till then, drinking water should be made available from the water tankers.

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