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Debate on many centers over vaccine

Debate on many centers over vaccine


Dewas (Representative of New Zealand). Due to the vaccine crisis, many people had to return from the center without getting vaccinated. There were debates and marriages about getting the vaccine at the center. Immunization sessions were conducted at 3 centers in the urban area. Where Covaccine and Covishield Vaccine were being administered, but there was a vaccine, but a large number of vaccinations reached. There were debates and disputes among the people in the matter of getting the vaccine soon.

The vaccine was over within a few hours at the centres. About one thousand vaccines were made available at the centers which ended in a few hours.

According to the information, vaccination sessions were organized at Prestige College, Chimnabai School and Malhar Smriti Bhawan in the city on Saturday. Due to lack of vaccine, only the second dose was being administered. Which had a target of about one thousand, but people reached the centers in large numbers. There was also a dispute regarding the first vaccination in Malhar Smriti Bhavan. On which the team handled the situation. Within a few hours, the vaccines were over at all three centers. Due to which people returned without vaccine.

Arrived to get the first dose, the staff refused

The second dose of the vaccine was being administered at all the three centers of the city, but many people also reached for the first dose. On which the staff did not vaccinate them. People told that the health department should speed up the vaccination. Everyone should be vaccinated as soon as possible. Many youth told that they were waiting for vaccination for a long time. Now onsite vaccination is being done, but upon reaching here, it was told that the first dose is not being administered. The youth have demanded that the number of vaccinations should be increased.

Acharya Rishabchandra Surishwar ji died, funeral will be held in Mohankheda shrine on Friday morning

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Expected vaccination from Monday, claim of 17 thousand vaccines

The Health Department has said that vaccination will be done from Monday. The department says that 17 thousand are going to come soon. District Immunization Officer Dr K Kalyani said that 17 thousand vaccines are about to arrive in the district. Will be vaccinated on Monday. On Saturday, a second dose has been administered at some centers.

More important vaccination after unlock

The district has been unlocked since June 1. Markets have opened. In such a situation, there is a need to expedite the vaccination of other people with high risk, but the crisis of vaccine is coming to the fore again and again. Vaccination of people at high risk has been made mandatory and they are still reaching to get vaccinated in large numbers, but the vaccine crisis can make it difficult. If vaccination is delayed in this way, the chances of infection will increase.

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Here… Corona is losing… recovery rate 99 percent, one infected in 24 hours

Corona is losing in the district. The number of patients is continuously decreasing. If people keep following such rules, then soon the district will win the complete war against Corona. On Saturday also one infected has been found in the district. At the same time, six people have defeated Corona. There are now only 25 active cases in the district. At the same time, 51 deaths have taken place according to government records. At present the recovery rate of the district is 99 percent. So far 7 thousand 720 have been infected in the district. At the same time, seven thousand 644 people have defeated Corona.