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The sonography of the film has a date of June 6 and the report card as of June 4.

The sonography of the film has a date of June 6 and the report card as of June 4.


Devrikala (Navdunia News). After the incident of assault with a pregnant woman due to a land dispute, a new twist has come in the case of the death of an unborn child in Sagar’s Dufferin Hospital. In the sonography report of the woman, the date of June 6 has been inserted, while June 4 is written on the report card.

Vinita’s husband Leeladhar Patel, aged 30 years, resident of Singapur Ganjan village, has filed an application to the Superintendent of Police, Sagar, complaining about attempts to tamper with the evidence in the incident with him. According to the application, a report was lodged at the police station after Sabjani Pardi molested her sister-in-law on June 3. Angered by this, Lotus Pardi, Sabjani Pardi, Arvind Pardi Pappu and Pojam Pardi entered Vinita’s house and beat them up with sticks and kicks. Due to which pregnant Vinita had fainted due to injury in her stomach. Eyewitness Karori Sen saved the woman’s life by reaching the spot and called Dial 100 and brought her to the hospital. Where the doctors had referred Vinita to Sagar in view of her critical condition. On June 6, sonography was done at Dufferin Hospital in Sagar, in which information about the child’s death came. On the night of June 8, around 9.30 pm, the dead girl was taken out of Vineeta’s womb. There were black, blue marks on the stomach of the dead child.

Pressure created to leave hospital, report changed

According to Vineeta, the family members in the hospital were pressurized to leave the hospital. When the matter started gaining momentum, the operator of the sonography center came to the complainant in the hospital and took out the sonography report card in the file and threw it away. When the family members asked for the sonography report, they asked for Rs 30,000. If more requests were made by the family members, the sonography center operator gave a hand-written report dated June 4. While the sonography film in the Sonography Center is showing the computerized date June 6. The time seemed to be 11.20 in the morning.

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I am not aware of the change in the report.

Rajendra Jain, Director, Sonography Center