Edible Oil Prices in Indore: Fall in Malaysia’s palm oil has an impact on soy, groundnut oil jumps


Indore(AboutGyan Representative), Edible Oil Prices in Indore. Palm futures in Malaysia fell on Tuesday. The Bursa Derivative Exchange lost 84 ringgit, or about 2.03 percent, in early trade. Malaysia’s palm oil reserves are expected to rise 6.3 per cent to their highest level in eight months at the end of May. Now on Thursday, the Malaysian Palm Isle Board will release the demand and supply data for May. This will give further direction to the international edible oil market. The import of palm oil in the European Union has also declined to 4.89 million tonnes in the ongoing season from 5.42 million tonnes in the previous season. In the domestic market too, there was a fall of Rs 10 in the price of palm oil due to lower level.

Palm oil Indore declined to Rs 1320 per 10 kg. Chicago Futures (Seabot) and KLC were also negative. In support of this, there was a slowdown in the price of soya oil due to less consumer support at higher prices. Soya Oil Indore lost Rs 10-15. On the other hand, due to less arrival of groundnut oil from Gujarat side, the prices were raised. Groundnut oil Indore rose by Rs 20 to Rs 1500 per 10 kg.

Edible Oil Prices In Indore: Soya oil is also on the side of inflation, selling for 70 percent more than the support price

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Loose oil (per ten kg) : Indore Groundnut Oil 1490 to 1500, Mumbai Groundnut Oil 1490, Indore Soybean Refined 1420 to 1425, Indore Soybean Solvent 1350 to 1355, Mumbai Soya Refined 1410 to 1420, Mumbai Palm Oil 1245, Indore Palm 1315 to 1320, Rajkot Telia 2270 to 2280, Gujarat Loose 1450 to 1475, Kapasya Tel Indore Rs 1405.

Oilseeds : Mustard 6325 to 6400, Raida 6500 to 6600, Soyabean 7300 to 7500 rupees quintal. Soybean DOC spot 59500 to 60000 ton.

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New soybean prices in plants: Shanti 7200, Betul 7550, Prestige 7400, Mahakali 7450, Kriti 7450, Lakshmi 7400, Khandwa 7400, Itarsi 7350, Ruchi 7425, Neemuch 7475, Dhanuka 7450, Pachore 7450, Prakash 7350 and Seoni Rs 7500.

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