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Explanation sought from the branch manager in charge

Explanation sought from the branch manager in charge


Sonkach (AboutGyan News).

The Chief Executive Officer of District Cooperative Central Bank Maryadit Dewas has issued a notice to Lata Avasya, the branch manager in charge of the branch Sonkach. He had issued a certificate for vaccination by putting the seal of the Chief Executive Officer and telling outsiders to be employees of the bank for vaccination. Explanation has been sought on the branch manager in charge for using government papers to benefit outsiders.

Kailash Narayan Tripathi, chief executive officer of the District Cooperative Central Bank Maryadit Dewas, said that while the manager of Sonakchh, Rajaram Barwal was on leave, the branch manager in charge, Lata Avasya, did not have Dharmendra Jain and Ranu Jain, who are not employees of the bank. Signed a frontline worker’s certificate for the Kovid vaccine, describing him as an employee of the bank. The above acts fall under the category of gross negligence and benefiting a particular person. Explanation has been sought in seven days from Avasya, the branch manager in charge in the above relationship.

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On Thursday, two people got themselves vaccinated as front-line Corona warriors at the local community center’s Vaccination Center, claiming that they were employees of the District Cooperative Bank branch. He also submitted a form at the vaccination center, in which the signature of the authored official was written and signed by Tripathi. The complaint was made to District Cooperative Bank CEO KN Tripathi, Tehsildar Jitendra Verma and Sonkach branch manager Rajaram Barwal. The branch manager Barwal informed the Chief Executive Officer Dewas, on which action has been sought from the branch manager Avasya in charge. Significantly, this is not the first case of such negligence. In July 2018, Avasya was removed from the post for negligence and acting against the rules of the bank, even after that the department gave him the responsibility.

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In this regard, District Tripura Central Bank Dewas CEO KN Tripathi says that the letter was issued by the branch manager in-charge Lata Awasya during the period of the leave of the branch manager. Action has been initiated under the service rules by issuing notice on behalf of the bank.