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Mhow: District CEO will now take over the responsibility of funeral

Mhow: District CEO will now take over the responsibility of funeral


Mhow The responsibility of the functioning of Muktidham Committee will now be that of the District Panchayat CEO. They will now have to make arrangements here and get the last rites performed. SDM Abhilash Mishra dissolved the committee and has now taken a new order in which the district CEO has been made its administrator. The move has been taken after several complaints were made about the committee members handling the system.

This controversy started in the Muktidham Committee recently when a member of the committee was seated in the police station. There were more complaints in the case and questions were raised on the arrangement here, after which the committee members even expressed their displeasure and refused to work.

After this, a new order has come on Monday, in which the rights of Sharma Sharma, who has been managing till now, have been stripped of its rights. Now the Mahu district CEO has been made the administrator here. That is, they will have to handle the entire system here. The district CEO will have to look from the maintenance of the place, to raising the condes, preparing the pyre, arranging the last rites and cleaning.

Till now, the fifth generation of the Sharma family in Muktidham was handling the responsibility of admin. Currently Sanjay and Manish Sharma were working. The committee formed for the arrangement of Muktidham comprises senior members of almost all societies. There are about two hundred and fifty members in this committee.

There has been a considerable increase in the number of dead since some time in the Corona period. In such a situation, the cremation of the dead bodies is being done in the open ground outside the premises for safety. Five cremations are being kept ready by the Sharma family so far so that there is no trouble and delay in the cremation of the infected corpse. The local administration has also deployed six members from the Cantonment Council as its allies for this arrangement.