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Facilities like permanent hospital in temporary covid hospital

Facilities like permanent hospital in temporary covid hospital


Bina (Navdunia News). The temporary covid hospital prepared near the refinery will be provided with the same facilities as the permanent hospital. There will be oxygen valve, table, cupboard near each bed. A few steps away from the bed from the ward are the toilets and washbasins. Apart from this, patients will not have to face much difficulties in getting admitted. The gate will be registered as soon as you enter. Near the registration counter, doctors will checkup the patients and shift them to the ward. Immediately the doctors and staff nurses will start treatment by putting oxygen to the patient. Due to this, the patients will not face any kind of problem.

Initially seven blocks have been prepared inside the dome. 30-30 patients will be admitted in each block. At present, arrangements have been made to admit 210 patients of the hospital. On Friday, 60 beds have been shifted in two blocks on the orders of the commissioner. In a way, all the preparations have been made to admit the patients. Oxygen supply has also been tested. Water supply has been started from toilets to washbasins and taps installed for drinking water. A large number of high capacity coolers have been installed for cooling the hospital. Cooler pajama technology has been used for the cooling of the entire hospital. They are kept about 10 feet above the ground with the help of ropes. As soon as the cooler is turned on, the whole hospital starts getting cold. Patients will experience AC even in scorching heat. Apart from this, preparations have been made keeping in mind the other small needs of the patients. If the third wave comes in the future, it will be very easy to treat hundreds of patients in the hospital by giving them oxygen.

tomorrow will be mock drill

How will the patients coming to Kovid Hospital be registered, in how much time the doctors will examine. How much time will it take to give oxygen and start treatment along with ward admission. For this, the administration will conduct a mock drill on Monday. Almost all the preparations have been done for this. Medicines along with equipment have been sent to the hospital. Some doctors have also been posted in the hospital. On Monday, the administrative officers will give the green signal to start the hospital after getting the mock drill done by the medical staff.