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Bhopal News : MLA Krishna Gaur pledged to plant saplings to women

Bhopal News : MLA Krishna Gaur pledged to plant saplings to women


Bhopal News : Bhopal ( Navdunia representative). On the occasion of World Environment Day, plantation of saplings in all the wards of Govindpura assembly constituency was started with safe physical distance and wearing of masks. In Panchsheel Nagar of BJP Saket Mandal, MLA Krishna Gaur inaugurated by planting a Peepal plant. MLA Krishna Gaur asked Municipal Corporation Additional Commissioner Pawan Kumar Singh to get fencing done for the safety of the plants being planted. Krishna Gaur said that Indian culture is the best culture in the world, and in this culture trees and plants have been given the status of God giving special importance. That is why trees and plants are also worshiped by Indians. Plants are considered life-savers, as they provide oxygen and absorb carbon-di-oxide. MLA Krishna Gaur told all the BJP workers present and the residents of the area that we all together have to plant more and more trees and also protect them. People in the area have to be made aware that we must first plant a tree before the auspicious work so that we can also stop climate change. Plantation was done at many places in Govindpura assembly constituency in the presence of MLA. The women of the colonies also gathered in this. Everyone united and planted saplings. On this occasion, Bharatiya Janata Party BJP District Vice President, former councilor and MIC members Kewal Mishra, Sunil Dwivedi, Raj Yadav, Tularam Namdev, Laxman Parmar, Manoj Patodia, Arvind Jain Bharatiya Janata Party and regional residents were present.

Bhopal News : National Disaster Response Force celebrated World Environment Day by planting saplings

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