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Gwalior Unlock News: Security will be ensured with Corona security

Gwalior Unlock News: Security will be ensured with Corona security


Gwalior Unlock News: Gwalior, AboutGyan Representative. The MP Chamber of Commerce organized an online meeting on Thursday to invite suggestions from various business representatives for the proposed unlock from June 1. It was also attended by Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar, who asked the Corona to ensure the process of Unlawak keeping in view the security arrangements. Collector Kaushalendra Vikram Singh said in the meeting that due to vaccination, we will soon overcome this infection. A large section of workers did not have to face the crisis of livelihood due to the continuation of industrial activities during the transition period. The Collector appealed to all the traders to get themselves and their staff necessarily vaccinated before unlocking.

Chamber President Vijay Goel and Mansevi Secretary Praveen Aggarwal said that all business activities should be allowed to open in Unlak. Their timing can be set differently, so that the crowds in the markets can be controlled. Chamber officials said that the suggestions made in the meeting online will be made available in writing to the district administration.

Gwalior Unlock News: Businessmen prepared markets to avoid Karena before Unlock

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Department will reduce license slots in Unlak: The Transport Department has also started preparations with the curfew relaxed. Other works, including a driving license, will begin in June. Consideration is being made to reduce the slot so that there is no rush in the license branch. Slot booking guidelines can come between 100 and 125 licenses in a day. After the end of 2020 lockdown, the license license work was started with conditions. The token arrangement was implemented. The slots were reduced, so that the license branch would not get crowded. In the second wave, license work has been stopped since April. 200 to 250 licenses were made per day. Those who had learning licenses, their tenure will not expire till June 30, but people are worried about their licenses. It may be noted that till now there was no limit or restriction in slot booking.