It is dangerous to take examinations without proper security arrangements


Ratlam Online discussion of teachers, parents and intellectuals was organized by Teachers Cultural Organization. Inaugurating the discussion, senior litterateur Dr. Muralidhar Chandniwala said that the government had made a lot of delay in deciding the examinations. This situation would not have arisen today if the government had been warned at the time of Corona’s call, because examinations are an essential part of the education system. This is the name of the regular system of educational assessment, which should have taken place at the appointed time. The circumstances were not favorable, this is also true, but the government should have seriously paid attention to this.

Former District Education Officer Dr. Sulochana Sharma said that there should be examinations, there should be a favorable atmosphere and atmosphere for it from both sides. The government should make proper arrangements. Subhash Kumawat, principal of the excellent school, said that there should be exams of class 12th, because the future of children is connected with this. There should be proper management of safety, less children should be called in the class and take the examinations and by following the Corona guide-line fully, the students, parents and teachers together contribute to save the future of children. Former Principal Gopal Joshi said that we cannot play with the future of children. Admittedly, the circumstances are not favorable, but we are conducting other activities as well, so examinations should be conducted for children.

There is a state of awe in everyone

Institution President Dinesh Sharma said that the concern of the parents is justified. The fear of Corona on the one hand, the deteriorating future of children on the other, hangs in the midst of these two. At the same time, there is a fear among teachers. Many teachers have lost their lives. How can he take any risk in this situation? Taking the examinations without proper security arrangements can be dangerous. Veena Chhajed said that the examinations should have taken place at the appointed time. The government should have taken care to ensure that the future of the children is not spoiled by making proper arrangements. Parents will have no objection if there are examinations with less students and less question papers.

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Corona is not over yet

Mamta Aggarwal, Principal of Naveen Kanya Umaavi said that the guardian is worried, but the student is ready and ready, he is worried about his future. The government should take whatever decision is taken quickly and issue a guide-line with proper management so that children can prepare. Lecturer Sudhir Gupta said that we are all ready. The government should take a decision keeping in mind the future of children. Excellent school lecturer Girish Saraswat said that the corona is not over yet. In such a situation, the government will have to take a decision. Institution Secretary Dilip Verma said that the examinations are an activity which is related to the future of every student and the fear of Corona has frightened children as well as teachers and parents.

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Chowkidar murdered in the under-construction show room of the bike in Javra, Ratlam

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Circumstances adverse and frightening

Shyam Sundar Bhati said that it would be fine to proceed with the examinations in the present time, because the circumstances are completely opposite and frightening. Chandrakant Wafgaonkar, Narendra Singh Panwar, Rameshchandra Parmar, former president Krishnachandra Thakur, Rameshchandra Upadhyay, Bharti Upadhyay, Kavita Saxena, Virendra Cathwas, Anjum Khan, Dasaratha Joshi, Devendra Vaghela Shivgarh, OP Mishra, Mithilesh Mishra, Narendra Singh Rathore, Radhe K Rage . Dilip Verma, who joined Kumar, Nutan Mazavadia, Aarti Trivedi, Anil Joshi, Madanlal Mehra, Manohar Prajapati, etc. Kavita Saxena accepted the gratitude.

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