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The trend of smoking tobacco is increasing among the young youth

The trend of smoking tobacco is increasing among the young youth


Khargone (AboutGyan Rep.). World Tobacco and Smoking Prohibition Day was observed in the city on Monday. Its aim is to make the youth, students and students aware of the ill effects of tobacco and bidi, cigarettes for increasing tobacco consumption, prevention of smoking tendency. With the increasing trend of tobacco and gutkha, smoking cigarette, youth and general population can be protected from cancer and diseases of TB. Under this, on the occasion of World Tobacco Day on Monday, CMHO Dr. DS Chauhan instructed officers and employees not to smoke and consume any kind of products, keep tobacco free around them and people who smoke or any kind of tobacco products. K Adi, who would inspire him to give up this addiction. Apart from this, all the officers in the civil hospital of Barwah administered the oath to the family members of the patient not to consume tobacco and products made from it. On the occasion of World Tobacco Prohibition Day, Kakgaon Kailash Patra, a patient treated at CC Center of Community Health Center, Gogawan, vowed not to eat tobacco. CHO Dr. Omprakash Mandloi gave information about the side effects and dangers caused by tobacco. .

Online workshop

The online workshop was conducted through online video conferencing under the guidance of Ajay Prakash Mishra, District Judge and President, District Legal Services Authority. District Child Welfare Committee President Sudha Moyde said that the issues related to tobacco and what to keep in mind about children were discussed. Basant Soni and Seema Joshi, members of the Juvenile Justice Board, said that smoking and tobacco can be easily left out, only the will power should be strong. District Legal Aid Officer Robin Dayal told that the laws have been made for buying and selling smoking and narcotics. If any child below the age of 18 is found to be smoking, promoting or selling narcotics, he can be punished with imprisonment of 07 years and fine of Rs. 1 lakh each.