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Jabalpur News: Adulterated ghee made from vegetable oil and Essence opened in liquor shop in home

Jabalpur News: Adulterated ghee made from vegetable oil and Essence opened in liquor shop in home


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. Taking advantage of the lockdown, a rogue started committing illegal activities. Along with the smuggling of liquor, adulterated ghee, gutka and English started doing liquor business. On the information of the informer, the joint team of Crime Branch and Ranjhi Police arrested the crook. It has seized 19 kg of fake ghee, one tin vegetable oil, one tin butter, seven gunny sachets with gutka, six bottles of English liquor and utensils useful in making adulterated ghee, gas stove etc. Police are trying to find out how long he has been involved in illegal activities by registering a criminal case under various sections against Dinesh Kumar Gupta, resident of GP Memorial School in Badapathar Ranjhi.

In connection with the incident, ASI Rajesh Mishra from Ranjhi police station said that Superintendent of Police Siddharth Bahuguna has given instructions for effective action against adulterants. Meanwhile, the Crime Branch team came to know from the informer that Dinesh Kumar Gupta, a resident of Badapathar, has become a threat to human life by doing illegal business of adulterated ghee. A joint team of Crime Branch and Ranjhi Police was formed, informing the information received from the informant, ASP Gopal Khandel, Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal, CSP Pooja Pandey, TI Ranjhi RK Malaviya.

Ghee was made by adding Essence to refined oil: ASI Mishra stated that Dinesh Gupta was manufacturing adulterated ghee by adding Essence in vegetable oil. When the joint team bothered, he was making adulterated ghee at home by mixing Essence in Vegetable Ghee and Refined Oil. After searching the house, one room was found with one tin oil, one tin butter, six empty tin cans, 19 kg adulterated ghee. Seven sacks filled with sachets, six bottles of English liquor, were seized in the same room. FIRs were registered against him under sections 420, 272 and section 51, 52, 26 of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 and the Excise Act.

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His role: Food Safety Officer Sarika Dixit, Crime Branch ASI Ajay Pandey, Principal constable Ram Gopal Vishwakarma, constables Mahendra Patel, Khuman Patel, SI Ramdeen Raghuvanshi of Thana Ranjhi, Rahul Kakodia played the role.