Jabalpur News: Family is the basis of life – Dr. Suraj Maheshwari


Jabalpur (AboutGyan Reporter). Writers from all over the country actively participated in the Vichar Mahotsav through the Athai Asha International Creative Forum. President of the organization Dr. Akhil Bansal Jaipur, Secretary Dr. Indu Jain Delhi, Dr. Sandhya Jain Shruti Jabalpur, Satish Lakhotia Bangalore, Anju Lata, Rajshree Rathi, Manisha Rathi Ujjain, Pooja Nabira Nagpur, Dr. Darshana Jain Jaipur etc. shared their thoughts and poems. and presented through articles. Akhil Bansal said that without family a society cannot be imagined and without society a country cannot be formed, only a cultured family is a symbol of a progressive nation. Dr. Sandhya Jain Shruti said

Learn the rites of life,

moral values,

Knowledge through meditation education only,

Life smelled like a garden,

of love and harmony,

Where no parabar,

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The basis of family life, in which the voices of awakening remained. It was a matter of patriotism. There was a message of unity and coordination. The ability of a person to work with spiritual power was analyzed. It came out in this thought conference that one who is determined gets success surely, so life can be made meaningful with strong will and vitality in life.

Excellent thoughts have an important contribution in the mindset, which contributes to the upgradation of the culture of the nation and works to fertilize the roots of the culture, the true creator of the nation is the creator, who removes the darkness of the country and society and creates an unbroken supply of knowledge and ideas. Lights up the entire nation by lighting the flame, the transition period of the present, new challenges and duties will play an important role in strengthening the replaced values ​​by becoming an example.

Jabalpur News: 148 patients defeated Corona, four more lost the battle of life
Jabalpur News: 148 patients defeated Corona, four more lost the battle of life

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Family coordination and love play an important role in the formation of personality. Dr Suraj Maheshwari who is the first dentist of Jodhpur is a successful social worker. He conducted the program.

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