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Jabalpur News: NSS will start work to improve the condition of children

Jabalpur News: NSS will start work to improve the condition of children


Jabalpur, New Dunia Reporter. Whether it is the beginning of Corona or the second wave of Corona. Volunteers of NSS have continuously done the work of making people aware without caring about themselves. Volunteers were also ahead in helping the people who reached the bank during Corona, from making them aware. After that, walking from place to place in the city, through street plays, explained the importance of physical distance, wearing masks to the people. Not only this, in the second wave of Corona, people went from village to village and made people aware.

Service work continued in the surrounding areas: Open Unit Program Officer Dr. Devanshu Gautam informed that NSS volunteers continued their service work in the surrounding areas even while staying at their homes. In this service work, people were told from door to door to get vaccinated and put on masks. During this, the volunteers also faced a lot of trouble. At some places, there was absolutely a lack of awareness among the people. Along with all these things, now the NSS unit of Rani Durgavati University will work for the children on the foundation day of the university. Dr. Devanshu Gautam told that on the foundation day, the university has asked what new things will be done in the coming year. In the third wave of Corona, because the children are being told a threat, now NSS volunteers will work on the conditions of the children. How to keep children active The depression and stress coming in them should be removed. Along with this, what problems are being faced by the children due to their constant stay at home, it will also be talked about. These topics will be discussed through webinars and efforts will be made to find solutions.

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