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Jabalpur Weather: Sprinkling may occur again with strong wind, weather softens

Jabalpur Weather: Sprinkling may occur again with strong wind, weather softens

Publish Date: | Sun, 17 Mar : 58 AM (IST)

Jabalpur, Naiduniya Representative. The month of Chetra has started but the weather has changed. Due to the effect of Western Disturbance, the weather has remained bad since Friday. After the storm and then the drizzle, there was slight coolness in the atmosphere on Saturday as well. On the other hand, the sky remained cloudy since Sunday morning and the day of eye-witnessing continued between the sun and the clouds. On Saturday evening, the weather was pleasant with the south-west wind blowing at a speed of five to six km per hour. People were seen enjoying the weather. According to the Meteorological Department, cyclonic equations are still being formed in Rajasthan and Gujarat. A new Western Disturbance is also becoming active, with its effect now till March The weather will remain like this. For example, there will be relief from the heat for two days.

At present, the effect of heat has reduced due to the change in the weather. Compared to Friday, the maximum temperature on Saturday recorded a drop of up to three degrees. Maximum temperature of the day .Being less than 8 degrees 29.0 degree recorded. Whereas the minimum temperature decreased marginally 17.2 degree Celsius. . On the other hand, according to the data recorded on Sunday morning, the minimum temperature was 21.1 degree. Celsius was recorded.

Chances of thunderstorms:

According to the Meteorological Department, at present the effect of Western Disturbance remains. The induced cyclonic circulation is active from Southwest Rajasthan up to Gujarat and another cyclonic circulation is active over Northeast Rajasthan, through which the trough is extending up to Northeast Arabian Sea. On the other hand, the east-west trough is extending up to West Bengal via Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. From its effect to the next 21 to Mp during the hours in the districts of the division including Jabalpur Wind can blow at the speed of to 33 km, showers with thunder and lightning. There is also a possibility of falling.

24 The weather will improve after March:

Biju John Jacob, the officer in charge of the Regional Meteorological Office told Due to western disturbance and cyclonic effect, the weather is expected to remain like this till March. There is a possibility. There will not be much change in temperature. As soon as the weather improves after March, a partial increase in temperature will start. .

This is the weather

Sunrise- 6 : 15 time

Sunset- 6: 33 at


Max .8

minimum 2023 .2

humidity – Mp

Weather forecast:

With strong wind there may be drizzle with thunder and lightning at some places.


19 march- 24.0 – .0

20 March – 33.0 -15.0


19 March – 33.4 – .Mp

24 March – 33.5 -18.4


20 March-33.0-.0

20 march -21.0 -10.0

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