Love Jihad in Indore: Ejaz Khan, accused of love jihad, used to blackmail the victim on remand till June 14 and threaten her for conversion.


Love Jihad in Indore: Indore. New Zealand Representative. Ejaz Khan, accused of love jihad, was presented to the court on Thursday afternoon by the Vijayanagar police station and took him on remand till June 14. Blackmailer has confessed to hiding anti-jewelry (necklace, ring, chain) from the victim in Ratlam. On the other hand, the victim said in the statements that the accused used to threaten for conversion by blackmailing. He also made videos and photos. He was also threatening to kill the daughter and husband.

According to TI Tehzeeb Qazi, Ejaz Khan was arrested on Tuesday night under sections 3 and 5 of the Madhya Pradesh Religious Freedom Act, 2020, on the complaint of a 27-year-old woman resident of Bengali Square area. The accused came close to the married woman by telling the name Ajju alias Ajay and had a physical relationship.

He also made a video of the woman and took gold necklace, chain, ring and Rs 2.5 lakh in cash. The woman tried to get away several times but the accused started threatening to defame her. He said that the real name is Ejaz Khan and now wants to get married. For this he will have to convert. The accused also threatened to kill the woman’s daughter and husband. On June 4, the accused came to the house and threatened the relatives and said that I will take the woman and change religion too. On being asked by relatives, the woman narrated the incident to her husband and reached the police station with Hinduists and lodged a case against the accused.

Rape with the operator of the famous therapy center, the accused came close by applying tilak

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According to SI Priyanka Sharma, in the afternoon, the police took Ajaz on remand after presenting the court. The police have also video-recorded the statements of the victim. He said that he had met Ejaz in February 2019 while working at a clinic (Madhavbagh) located in Vijayanagar. He used to work as a therapist at the same clinic. Ejaz was wearing tilak at that time. So there was no doubt and started talking. He took me to Rajendranagar on the pretext of showing me the flat and made a relationship. According to the SI, the police will take the accused to Ratlam to seize the jewellery.

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