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Madhya Pradesh News: The relatives of more than 1000 permanent employees of the state did not get compassionate appointment

Madhya Pradesh News: The relatives of more than 1000 permanent employees of the state did not get compassionate appointment

Publish Date: | Sun, 26 Sep 582 01: 54 PM (IST)

Madhya Pradesh News: Bhopal (Navduniya representative). across the state more permanent personnel have died. Their families have not yet received compassionate appointments. These deaths have happened in the last 15 years due to which the reasons are different. The reason for not getting compassionate appointment is the non-regularisation of permanent employees. Earlier they were kept as daily wage earners. In the year 2016 by making a permanent worker policy, he has been made a permanent worker from a daily wage earner, but there is no provision of compassionate appointment in the permanent worker policy, so the deceased is permanent. The family members of the employees have not got the benefit of compassionate appointment. Due to this, the relatives of the deceased permanent workers are worried. Dozens have filed cases in court and applications of some are pending with the departments. Apart from this, there are dozens of problems of permanent workers. Permanent employees are serving in different departments across the state. deprived of basic facilities. They have requested the government from time to time, but their demands have not been met. Because of this, there has been increased resentment among the permanent workers.

Convener of Madhya Pradesh Employees Congress and former member of Staff Commission Virendra Khongal says that permanent workers are the link which years ago were kept at collectorate rate to meet the basic needs of the departments. Since then, the permanent personnel have worked very hard in the departments at the field level and are still doing so. Permanent workers are mostly serving on posts like gardener, driver, mortician, watchman.

Regular like facility being available to the permanent employees of Public Works Department

Permanent personnel are serving in almost 62 departments of the state. Out of these, only permanent personnel posted in Public Works, Public Health Engineering and Water Resources Department are getting facilities like regular. The condition of permanent personnel working in the rest of the departments is very bad and they have been kept in skilled, unskilled, semi-skilled category. In which 12 to NaiDunia Local is getting a salary of Rs.

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