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Mustard was not purchased at any center in Ratlam district

Mustard was not purchased at any center in Ratlam district


Ratlam (AboutGyan representative). From March 27 to May 15, gram, lentils and mustard were purchased at 15 centers in the district at the support price. This time the date went out waiting for the farmers. Farmers did not come to sell mustard at a single center and only three quintals of lentils were purchased at a center, Mundri, while a large number of farmers had registered. Chana has also been purchased less than last year.

A total of 18556 farmers had registered. In this, 16147 for gram, 1370 for lentils and 1039 for mustard farmers were registered. By May 15, only 394 of these farmers reached the centers to sell the produce. 393 farmers sold 3861 quintals of gram and three quintals of lentils have been purchased from a farmer at Munddi center. Lentils were not sold in any other center, mustard was not purchased in any center, because the farmers did not come.

Departmental officials say that this time the market was sold at a higher price than the support price, so the farmers did not take interest in selling the produce at the support price. Messages were sent to all registered farmers. The price of gram and masoor in the support price was Rs 5100 while that of mustard was Rs 4050 per quintal. At Ratlam Mandi, lentils have been sold up to Rs 5500 and mustard at the rate of Rs 5000 per quintal. Due to similar price in the market, farmers did not come to sell the produce at the support price.

Farmer Rajesh Patidar says that procurement started late, farmers had already sold their produce. If the procurement had started early, the farmers would have come more. Deputy Director GS Mohania said that messages were sent by the departmental staff and information was also given by phone, but the farmers did not take much interest in the price.