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Noor Jahan did not like curd, proved to be dwarf in shape

Noor Jahan did not like curd, proved to be dwarf in shape


Gopal Maheshwari * (Yogurt). The famous Noorjahan mango of Kathivada (Alirajpur) has not liked the climate and geographical environment of the Dahi region, while Alirajpur is adjacent to the boundary of Dahi Zone. Noor Jahan mangoes have been planted on the tree here, but have proved to be dwarf in terms of size. In fact, in a bunch of twigs on the mango tree planted here, four mangoes of the Noor Jahan variety were planted together, while at one place a Noor Jahan mango should have come together in a bunch. In such a situation, Noor Jahan could not make an edge in terms of size and weight in mango curd area.

Retired District Education Officer RS ​​Jamra, who cultivates different varieties of mango, has grown Noorjahan mango trees in village Katarkheda of the area. The special thing is that mangoes have also come in the form of fruits, but they remained very small in size. A big mango in a bunch should have come with a lot of weight, but in its place four mangoes were found in a bunch and thus the size and weight remained small.

It is noteworthy that the weight of Noor Jahan mango of Katthiwada ranges from 2.5 to 3 kg and it is sold for Rs 500 to 1000 per piece. RS Jamra, who had been the District Education Officer in Alirajpur, was fully aware of the production of Noor Jahan in Katthiwada. From there, they brought a mango plant of Noorjahan species here and made it big by working hard. But the way Noorjahan Mango should have been very heavy, it could not happen and even after working hard for four years, success could not be achieved.