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Penance, the nectar medicine to purify the mind

Penance, the nectar medicine to purify the mind


Neemuch (Rep. of New Zealand). Continuous practice of penance purifies the mind. It protects from evils like lying, theft, injustice. Living in the world and home, completing the penance of Varshitaap is an ideal inspiration. Worldly Shravak- With the inspiration of Shravikas, saints have made history of continuous penance for 35 years even in old age. If we protect Dharma, Dharma will protect us. Not a single ascetic has been attacked by a deadly disease like corona.

Jain saint Jinvallabh Vijay Maharaj said this. He was speaking at the award ceremony organized on Tuesday morning under the aegis of Shri Jain Shwetambar Mahaveer Jinalaya Vikas Nagar Shrisangh. He said that after penance, revolutionary changes come in life, only then religion is imbibed in life. The program Atmadarshan also got the presence of Vijay Maharaj. Senior social worker Premprakash Jain said that penance has been completed only due to deep faith in God, Guru and religion. Mahaveer Jinalaya Trust President Rakesh Jain said that austerity has become fruitful due to positive thinking. This will give a new direction to the society and a new energy will be infused in the society. Rajmal Chhajed and Rahul Jain also expressed their views. On this occasion, 24 people who performed Varshitaap were honored with suitcases. During this, President and Secretary of Balika Vadhu Mandal and Mahavir Mahila Mandal and Sonu Halwai were also honored.

Trains will run again in Dewas-Ranyala Jasnia-Maksi section from today

Ratlam. The Dewas-Ranyala Jasnia-Maksi section of the division is being re-opened for train operation from June 10. The Dewas-Ranayala Jasnia-Maksi section, which was closed from May 2 till further orders, is being restarted from June 10 due to the shortfall in train operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.