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Shajapur: Dua sought to alleviate the Corona crisis

Shajapur: Dua sought to alleviate the Corona crisis


Shajapur (AboutGyan representative). In view of the Corona crisis, the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr was celebrated in a simplistic manner by the Muslim society across the district. Eid prayers offered by Samajjan in homes. During this, prayers were done to pray for Allah to overcome the corona crisis. Samajjan congratulated each other on the festival through phone, mobile and social media.

Every year in the district, Muslim Samajans celebrate the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr with gaiety. Eidgah is the main namaz, while mosques also reach large numbers to offer namaz, but this time the festival was celebrated by following the guide line of the government due to the Corona crisis. A limited number of Samajans arrived at the mosques to perform the rituals only, while the Samajans stayed at home and offered Namaz. Sajjans sweetened the mouth with a specially prepared head for the festival. Due to the Corona crisis, the society did not go to greet each other’s house. Maintained two yards. Congratulated the festival through social media.

All India Muslim Festival Committee District President Sajjad Ahmad Qureshi said that on the Eid festival, the community prayed to Allah for those who passed away due to the Corona epidemic and Corona.

The social people recited namaz while staying at their homes

Akodia (AboutGyan News). The festival of Eid in the city was celebrated by the Samajjan according to the Corona Guide Line. In Jama Masjid, prayers were offered by only four to five people. Hakim Bhai of the city, Mubarik Bhai, grocery businessman Razak Bhai told that in the wake of the Corona epidemic, following rituals enforced by the administration, performed rituals by offering prayers in the homes. The social activist of the city, Ilahi Lala said that the true meaning of the festival of Eid is to help the needy and to give the people living in their neighborhood with clothes, sweets, etc. and include them in their happiness. The Muslim brothers in the city observed the Eid festival in a simplistic manner with families in the homes in view of the corona epidemic. The young children wore new clothes due to the Eid festival. Hindu and Muslim brothers greeted Eid by creating social distance.