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Sharbati wheat and corn prices also increased due to less arrival

Sharbati wheat and corn prices also increased due to less arrival


Ratlam (Rep. of New Zealand). After 64 days of slowing down of Corona, the Mhow Neemuch Road market opened completely on Monday, then soybean was sold at a maximum price of Rs 6910 per quintal and due to less arrival of Sharbati wheat and maize, their prices also increased. Following the Corona guide line, a limited number of auctions of farmers were started. 2519 quintals of soybean has arrived and the price is Rs 6000 to 6910 per quintal. Similarly, 2975 quintals of Lokvan wheat was sold from Rs 1670 to Rs 2121 per quintal. 55 quintal sharbati wheat Rs 2470 to 3670, 16 quintal maize Rs 1500 to 1528, 67 quintal gram giant Rs 4551 to 4700, 243 quintal gram italian Rs 4400 to 5001, 114 USD 5000 to 8600 and 37 quintal peas Rs 4002 to 4700 per quintal Sold up to Rs. Mandi Secretary SN Goyal informed that the produce has been procured from the registered farmers and SMS have been sent to the farmers for the next day.

There was a slight increase in garlic

1682 quintals of garlic arrived in Power House Road Sabzi Mandi and the price ranged from Rs 2100 to 9100 per quintal. The average price was Rs 5500 per quintal. The price of garlic has been rising in the last few days. Mandi in-charge Rajendra Vyas told that now the daily purchase of garlic has started in the garlic market. Arrivals have increased and prices have also increased slightly.

Green vegetable market will open from three in the night to six in the morning

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Ratlam (Rep. of New Zealand). Power House Road Hari Sabzi Mandi will now be operational for three hours. It will start from 3.00 pm on 15th June. The market will be operational till 6.00 am. During this, wholesalers of vegetables will buy from farmers and sell them to retail traders.

The vegetable market was closed due to corona infection. In the new order, selling the retail trader sitting in the vegetable market yard will be completely prohibited. Retail traders will sell vegetables to hand-cart drivers. All hand cart vendors will go to their place of sale outside the market yard and sell vegetables in the city. Along with this, only those buyers and sellers who have got vaccination will be given entry in the market yard. For this, the buyer-seller will have to provide proof of vaccination. Mandi Secretary SN Goyal said that the Corona guide line will be fully followed.