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Silver jewelry and nine thousand rupees stolen

Silver jewelry and nine thousand rupees stolen


Ratlam (AboutGyan representative). The burglars are not affected by the lockdown (corona curfew). They are acting fearlessly. Due to the heat in the rural areas, people are sleeping outside the houses, taking advantage of which the thieves are breaking the wall behind the houses and committing the crime. In village Rawati, thieves stole silver jewelery and nine thousand rupees worth thousands of rupees from a farmer’s house.

According to the information, Rama Bhabhar son Mangu Bhabhar, a resident of the village, was sleeping near the front door of the house, with heat on the main door of the house, due to the heat of Rawati near the Sai temple on May 20 and 21. In the night, the thieves broke the wall behind the house and made a big pit. After this, the thieves entered the house and took out the jewel and box of clothes and took it to the trench site near the farm, about two hundred meters behind the house. Opening the box there, spread the clothes and took out a silver weighing 500 grams, a kandora weighing seven hundred grams, two thumbs and two joints of foot to wear on a leg weighing fifty grams and took away nine thousand rupees. When Rama reached the house when he woke up in the morning, the wall was found broken. Rama told that there was no box in the house. Upon investigation, Patty was found lying open behind the house. Clothes were scattered near the box. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and investigated. According to the police, the case is being registered and the thieves are being searched.

Second incident in twenty days

This is the second case in the district in twenty days of plagiarism breaking. Earlier, on the intervening night of May 2 and 3, farmer Bapu Mayra, a resident of village Rampura in Chor Saravan police station area, broke a wall behind the house of son Gautam Mayda and stole a kg of silver jewelery weighing one kilogram and kept in a box and stole Rs 2.5 lakh. The accused in the said incident has also not been ascertained yet.

Jeep stolen from front of house

Chowkidar murdered in the under-construction show room of the bike in Javra, Ratlam

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Thieves stole jeeps from village Dhodhar in Ringnod police station area. According to the information, Ramibai’s wife Amritram Solanki resident Dhodhar’s jeep (MP-43 / Beedi-3158) was parked in front of his house, which the thieves stole during the night of May 19 and 20. The police has registered a case against the unidentified person.