The murderer-miscreant should be arrested soon and given capital punishment


Narsinghpur/Tendukheda (AboutGyan News). The incident with an 8-year-old girl in the Tendukheda area has angered not only the Tendukheda area but people across the district. Everyone is demanding that the police arrest the murderer-rapist soon and send him to jail and he should be hanged. The investigation teams of the police kept running from morning till late night on Sunday in search of the suspected accused. At the same time, the atmosphere of the area was completely gloomy due to the incident.

Superintendent of Police Vipul Srivastava and other officials were present in Tendukheda from Sunday morning till afternoon and the Superintendent of Police directed the teams engaged in the investigation to thoroughly investigate the entire incident. After the incident by different five teams of the police, the missing youth, whom the police consider to be a suspect accused, was busy in search of him. It is to be known that in the case of the girl who went missing on Saturday afternoon by the Tendukheda police, a case was registered under section 363 and she was being searched. But after the short post-mortem report that came on Sunday evening, the police took action to increase the sections in the case. SDOP Mehnti Maravi said that on the basis of the post-mortem report, sections are being increased in the case.

Innocent found buried in a pile of straw: During the investigation, it was found by the police that the girl was playing near the house when the parents of the girl went to get the vaccine. Also, the children playing there saw a young man living in the neighborhood taking the girl to the room. Who later disappeared after giving the key to the grandmother after locking the room. The police had also found traces of blood on the mattress lying there in the investigation of the room and intensified the search for the young man. But even after Saturday night’s action and interrogation with the relatives of the youth, neither the girl was found nor the information of the young man was taken. On Sunday morning, when the police team again started the search of the same room and started removing the pile of straw with the help of some city council personnel, local people, the body of the girl was found buried about 5 feet below in the heap. In this case, the police took action of Marg Panchnama and sent the body to the Community Health Center for post-mortem. Where the team of Dr. Rameshwar Patel, Dr. Narendra Singh, Dr. Devyani Patel did the post-mortem of the dead body in the presence of Dr. Sunita Patel, who came from FSL Jabalpur.

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The force of several police stations involved in the investigation: The force of several police stations has been deployed in the investigation of the incident. On Sunday morning itself, Superintendent of Police Vipul Srivastava, ASP Sunil Shivhare along with the team reached Tendukheda and inspected the spot and met the victim’s family. During this, SDOP Mehnti Maravi, Suatla police station in-charge Jyoti Dikhit Thakur, Kareli police station in-charge Anil Singhai, Tendukheda police station in-charge Shringesh Rajput, SI Akrajaya Dhurve, SI Ruchika Suryavanshi and other officers were present in the investigation. Every aspect related to the incident is being investigated by the Superintendent of Police. Along with this, the youth who is believed to be a possible accused and is missing, is being searched vigorously.

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Collector arrived in the afternoon: Convening the family of the victim of the incident, Superintendent of Police Shri Srivastava assured that no stone will be left unturned in the action. The incident is very sad and the teams are working continuously to nab the accused. Police will take all possible action to get the death sentence to the accused. The Superintendent of Police has announced a reward of Rs 10,000 for the arrest of the accused. On the other hand, Collector Ved Prakash, who arrived in the afternoon, has also consoled the victims and assured them of justice. At the same time, MLA Sanjay Sharma has also expressed condolences to the family, describing the incident as sad and directed the police officers to arrest the accused and get him the death penalty.

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Effect of Storm Yaas: Wheat will not be purchased for 2 days in 15 districts of three divisions including Narsinghpur from this evening

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Yuva Morcha submitted memorandum: There has been anger among the people of Tendukheda area regarding the incident. On Sunday, the members of Yuva Morcha gave a memorandum to the police asking that the accused should be given capital punishment. Also, strict action should be taken to put an end to criminal incidents. Smack, ganja, betting, gambling should be banned.


The girl was murdered with her breath blocked and the post-mortem examination confirmed misconduct. 5 teams have been engaged to search for the accused, he will be found as soon as possible. All aspects related to the incident are being investigated.

Vipul Srivastava, Superintendent of Police Narsinghpur

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