The body could not support the destitute cow dynasty, planted 7.30 lakh whereabouts


Lavkushnagar(AboutGyan News). The city council has not been able to give any place to the cow ancestral animals wandering destitute on the roads. Whereas, no stone has been left unturned in locating the budget of 7.30 lakhs received for the construction of Gau Shala. People have demanded an inquiry by accusing the construction agency Municipal Council of making substandard construction of the cow shed.

In Lavkushnagar, there is a permanent camp of destitute animals at the bus stand including Mahoba Road, Chandla Road and Chhatarpur Road. Those who also become victims of road accidents every day. In fact, there is no cow shelter in the city, the destitute animals keep wandering hungry and thirsty. In view of this, the responsibility of building a cow shed was entrusted to the city council with a budget of Rs 7 lakh 30 thousand on several acres of Gauchar land lying vacant behind the jail. As soon as the big budget was received, the responsibilities made such a plan for its location that the newly constructed structures started getting damaged in a few days and the entire amount was spent on papers after completing the half-finished work. It is noteworthy that by making big schemes for the protection and support of the cow lineage from the government level, big things are equalized, but wherever the work of cow shelter is done, the termite scheme of corruption and corruption before the destitute animals get shelter. The budget sucks. This is the reason that even in Lavkushnagar, the big plan to build a cow shed has been mired in controversy. People are surprised that even a small convenient cow shed could not be built with such a huge amount of budget.

Quality care not taken in Gaushala construction:

In Lavkushnagar, the construction work of Gau Shala was done with a budget of about 7 lakh rupees, in this work no attention was paid to quality. Here the water tanks built at a cost of Rs 4 lakh 30 thousand have been broken due to cracks. The angles used for fencing got shabby in the rain and the fencing has been ruined. Many angles have been stolen. The gate built here is also slowly cracking. Seeing the situation here, it is proved that the entire amount has been disposed of in a big way with the connivance of the responsible. If you don’t see anything like this here, then be safe. People say that many times the Deputy Engineer of the city council was told in this regard but the sahib ignored it every time. People have demanded a probe into this arbitrariness.

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I will soon go to the Gaushala and inspect it. In the case of this entire construction work, action will be taken after conducting a proper investigation.

Ajay Agnihotri, CMO in-charge, NP Lavkushnagar


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