Only 100 dials left at three police stations, one vehicle on 170 villages


Malhargarh (AboutGyan News). If there is any incident in the villages, people directly dial-100 and call the police, but there is no dial-100 vehicle in Malhargarh police station for nine months. In Pipliyamandi also there is no dial-100 for three months. Vehicles have not yet returned after being sent to Bhopal for maintenance. Villagers rely on Dial-100 when there are incidents, accidents, quarrels and other crimes in the villages. Now on dialing-100, the first car comes from Narayangarh, located eight km away from Malhargarh, comes here and finds the village. In this round, it takes a long time to reach the place of incident. In such a situation, the incident escalates till the arrival of the police.

Due to the negligence of the contractor of Dial-100 vehicle, there is no vehicle at the Malhargarh police station for nine months at the Vis Headquarters. In case of incident in the villages of Malhargarh police station area, the vehicle comes from Narayangarh after calling on dial-100. It takes too much time. After engine failure in Dial-100 of Malhargarh police station, Bhopal was sent for maintenance on 27 October 2020 but till date the maintenance has not been completed. After this, only one Dial-100 vehicle is left between more than 170 villages of three police stations, while the villagers are not getting the benefit of the facilities of Dial-100.

Vehicle is unable to reach half the place

There are more than 170 villages in Malhargarh, Narayangarh and Pipliyamandi police station area. When an incident happens in the village of Malhargarh area, Dial-100 comes from Narayangarh, but points stay in both the police station areas at the same time, then it does not come in Malhargarh police station area. Due to this villagers reach the police station by private vehicles. In most of the villages, people have to wait a lot due to not even knowing the landline number of the police station.

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Not even dial-100 in Pipliyamandi

On the other hand, there is no Dial-100 vehicle in Pipliyamandi for four months. Here too, after a fault in it, it was sent to Bhopal for maintenance and has not returned. Now the situation is getting worse in rural areas. Only one Dial-100 is running in the entire Malhargarh section. In such a situation, incidents and other activities can increase in rural areas.

* Maintenance of Dial-100 vehicle of Malhargarh is going on in Bhopal, its condition is worse. For this we are constantly contacting Bhopal Dial-100 officials, writing letters and the SP has also written letters. The vehicle of Pipliyamandi police station also went for maintenance but got stuck in the lockdown. We are trying that soon dial-100 of both the police stations will come. -TC Panwar, SDOP, Malhargarh

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* Dial-100 of Malhargarh was sent to Bhopal then did not come back. We are also writing Bhopal letter. We are constantly demanding that the vehicle will come soon. The vehicle of Pipliyamandi police station has been sent for maintenance in Bhopal. We are trying to get both the vehicles soon.-Vivek Pratap Singh, Supervisor, Dial-100, District Mandsaur

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