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The flag hoisting in four temples together was a havan at three places

The flag hoisting in four temples together was a havan at three places


Rajgarh (AboutGyan News). The Corona epidemic has caused a cloud of despair all around. In such a situation, people are now going to the shelter of Sankat Mochan Sri Hanuman Ji Maharaj to avoid this crisis. Everyday by conducting Havan Pujan, we are wishing to get rid of the epidemic. Hanuman was wished by the Rajput Samajans of the city to organize a havan once in a week for happiness, prosperity and protection from pestilence in the city. Dharmadhwaja was hoisted by the community members in four temples on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, on the occasion of the annual anniversary at the Seshasayi Rajput Samaj Mandir of the city, a kundiya havan was organized in the temple premises. During this period, senior members of the society prayed in havan and wished to get rid of the prosperity and corona epidemic in the city. Before this, the flag of religion was also hoisted on the summit of the temple. In the morning, the movement of the society to the temple for the Darshan Temple started. On this occasion, the temple was decorated with flowers by the temple priest Omprakash Bairagi. At the same time, the attractive structure of Lord Murthy captivated the mind of the devotees. During this period, City Council President Bhanwar Singh Barod, Dara Singh Chauhan, Kanak Rathore, Prem Singh Chavda, Gopal Revere, Bhanwar Singh Chauhan, Ramesh Barod, Moti Singh Barod, Babuji Barod, Dara Singh Panwar and Bhadarsinh Sisodia were present. Similarly, the flag was hoisted at Tejaji Maharaj Temple and Ganga Mahadev Temple, Sheetla Mata Temple on Bhangarh Road. At the same time, a havan was also organized in the Tejaji temple courtyard.

Havan done to protect against pandemic

The havan was organized by Rajput socialists on Patel Marg on Wednesday. In this, many people prayed and wished to protect mankind from this global epidemic. It is worth remembering that earlier this has been done by the socialists at three places.