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The pond is being built by shramdaan to save rain water

The pond is being built by shramdaan to save rain water


Betul (Navdunia representative). On the initiative of the Green Tigers, a group of youth who work continuously for nature and water conservation in the district, they have now taken up the task of constructing a pond to save every drop of rain. Following the governance guidelines of the Corona transition period, excavation work is being done with Shramdan for construction of the pond in turn.

So far, four thousand square feet area has been excavated for the pond being constructed in the Hamadpur area of ​​the city. The youth of the Green Tigers have started the work of transporting the water flowing in the mountainous region to the pond before the Akshaya Tritiya. Tarun Vaidya, founder of Green Tigers, said that the pond, about 10 thousand square feet long and four feet deep, is being prepared under the drawing and supervision of a skilled engineer. The rain water that accumulates in it will be present throughout the year, where the ground water level will increase in the surrounding habitat, while the irrigation of 3100 plants planted to prevent soil erosion and land erosion can also be done throughout the year. Various social organizations of the city are participating in this work by giving shramdaan. So far, a total of 19 thousand 200 plants have been planted in urban and adjoining rural areas by the group of youth working for environment and water conservation, and 54 percolation tanks (Sokpeet) have been constructed with public participation without any government help. If the members of the organization are to be believed, after planting the saplings, they are also being continuously nurtured, for which the citizens of the city, social workers, nature lovers, merchant organizations are getting the cooperation of common citizens.