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Two and a half months later, less than ten infected two died

Two and a half months later, less than ten infected two died


Mhow In Tehsil, the effect of infection is becoming less. On Friday, less than 10 infected were found in the tehsil after 72 days while two deaths were recorded. Only Noi were found infected in Tehsil on Friday. Earlier on March 16, nine infected were found. In May, it had reached beyond three hundred and fifty hundred. 42 infected have also recovered after treatment. So far, 11869 civilians have been infected in the tehsil, while 11424 have been cured. Death of 243 infected people is also recorded. Total active cases are 202 on Friday.

Gave a check of one lakh

Mhow Donors are constantly providing financial support for health facilities in the tehsil. On Friday, Minister Tulsi Silavat Mitra Mandal handed over the check of one lakh rupees to SDM Abhilash Mishra under the leadership of Minister Usha Thakur. Mukesh Sharma, Vishnu Chauhan, Mukesh Khandelwal, Kamal Patel, Vishal Sharma etc. were present on this occasion. Mukesh Sharma said that more support will be provided in this hospital as well as in future for the health facility. Besides, facility is being planned at primary health centers in rural areas also through Minister Tulsi Silavat.

The desire to live was over, dare to see the son’s picture

90 percent infected, reached home healthy after 20 days of treatment

Mhow An example of how self-sufficient is effective to fight the disease was seen in the Madhya Bharat Hospital where a woman who was 90 percent infected, left for home after recovering fully. During this time, all the other people along with the doctors and nurses made them happy. This woman had lost hope of living. He was given morale by the hospital staff which later turned into self-sufficiency and the woman made a speedy recovery. Seeing the picture of the son, the woman got courage and desire to live.

Two people killed after a car collided with a dumper standing in Manpur near Mhow

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On May 8, a resident of Government Central India Hospital, Nirmala wife Jiten Verma, age 45, was admitted to Pasipura, who had 90 infections. In addition, the oxygen label also came from 30 to 35 pras. The woman became very nervous due to infection. Seeing the atmosphere, he gave up his desire to live. Even the oxygen mask would be removed again and again, she would get up from the bed for not getting treatment, later the doctors and staff discussed and gave a home-like atmosphere. After 20 days of treatment, she became completely healthy on Friday, which the whole staff happily bid farewell. In this, SDM Abhilash Mishra, Dr. Ashok Mewada, Dr. Saurabh Mohanty and the staff who contributed to this were kept under constant watch. Dr. Mohanty said that five such infected people were treated here who were 90 percent infected, but the woman was such a patient who had given up the desire to live. Later, after the environment and treatment, she became completely healthy.