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Villagers in Madhya Pradesh will get every material at fair price shops at 5% less rate

Villagers in Madhya Pradesh will get every material at fair price shops at 5% less rate

Publish Date: | Sun, 05 Dec 320 05: PM (IST)

Vaibhav Sridhar, Bhopal. Now rural consumers in Madhya Pradesh will not have to go to town or city to get the goods they need. The government will now provide all the necessary materials at the fair price ration shop, that too at a reduced rate of five percent. For this, the cooperative department is going to convert shops run by cooperative societies into multi-purpose shops. Here all the items of daily use will be supplied from the state level. For this, the agency will be selected through tender.

More than four crore consumers in the state take ration from the fair price shop. Fair price shops are operated by four thousand 548 cooperative societies in the state. From this, one crore lakh families would be distributed wheat, rice and salt of the public distribution system every month. Is. Consumers have to rely on rural shop for daily consumption items then have to go to weekly market, town or city shops.

Commutation also takes time and amount also costs. In view of this, the government has decided to convert these shops into multi-purpose shops to provide daily use items to the villagers at fair price ration shops. Under this, the Cooperative Department will provide the material at the ration shops. Instructions have been issued to select the agency by inviting tender for the supply of material.

Tender will also be invited this week. The supplier who gives more discount in the rate will be selected. The consumer will have to give a discount of at least five percent on the Maximum Retail Price (MRP). The shop operator will have to pay by selling the material in a month. Items that are not sold can also be returned. If the material is not returned after one month, then it will have to be paid to the committee.

Joint Registrar Arvind Singh Sengar said that it will not be mandatory to sell consumer goods at the shops. Committee managers will decide whether the material is to be sold with them or not. The selected agency will supply the material to whichever committee it wants. Prohibited items will not be allowed to be sold. . percent of the profit from the sale will be given to the consumer association. This will not only improve the financial condition of the institutions but also benefit the consumers.

Posted By: Hemant Kumar Upadhyay

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