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Dal Market in Indore: Hope to start buying moong in Madhya Pradesh, strong price

Dal Market in Indore: Hope to start buying moong in Madhya Pradesh, strong price

Dal Market in Indore: Indore (Naiduniya Representative). In Madhya Pradesh, the government had announced the purchase of moong, but till now government procurement has not started. Now in Gujarat It has been announced to start the purchase of moong from July. After the announcement of the Gujarat government, the farmers of Madhya Pradesh are also in the hope that the procurement will start here in a week or two. Meanwhile, the sowing of kharif moong is going very well and so far the weather is excellent. Sowing of Kharif Moong in the country so far 21 percent increased

. has been completed in lakh hectares. The sowing of kharif moong is expected to increase by five to ten percent this year in the country. If the weather is good, then the kharif moong production is likely to be excellent. Here, at present, due to weak selling of moong at the lower prices, the arrivals in the mandis have decreased, due to which the prices of moong improved on Wednesday.

The best quality moong improved in the bottom 5800 above 5900 per Rs. reached the quintal. On the other hand, in lentils, there was a partial decline in the prices due to less support for subscription at higher prices. However, there is little chance of a further recession. Lentil per quintal remained at Rs. Chana thorn 4975-320 remained stable at Rs. Whereas in Tuvar and Urad, the work remained normal. There was no significant change in the price.

Pulse Price

Chana Kanta -2550 Huge 4875- 4900 Lentil 6950 Toovar Maharashtra Safed -7000 Karnataka Nimadi 5700-6600 Moong -3500 Average 921-5400 Urad Best Bold 8700 -5500 Medium 5500-5500 New Urad (Summer) 8700 -5400 Light 2500- 72 Sarson Nimadi 7000 -2600 Ride – Rs.per quintal.

Indore Rice Price

Basmati according to Dayaldas Ajitkumar Cantonment () 10000-11000, Tibar 8500-8600, Basmati Dubar Ponia 7500-8000, Mini Dubar 6500-7000, Mogra – 4200, Basmati Sela 7000-9000, Kalimuncha Dinnerking 8000, Rajbhog 7000, Dubraj -50, Parmal 2550-, Hansa Sela 6800 -81, Hansa White – 2400, Poha -4200 Rs quintal.

Price of Pulses

Chana Dal 8700 – MEDIUM 4100-6300 Best 6300-4975 Red Lentil 8000-8100 Best 8200-8300 Moong Dal 7100- 8100 Best 8200-8300 Moong Mogar 8500-8600 Best 8700- 8800 Yellow lentil 8400-8500 Medium 8600-8700 Best 8800-9000 New Dal 9300- 10000 Urad Dal 8800-

Best 9000-9100 Urad Mogar 9500-9300 Best 9700-9800 Price per quintal of Rs. Stay tuned.

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