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881 people were given second dose of vaccine

881 people were given second dose of vaccine


Khargone (Rep. of New Zealand). Vaccination was done only at two centers in the district on Saturday. At these centers only people of all age groups were given the second dose of the vaccine. Due to the shortage of the first dose vaccine in the district, the process of vaccination has slowed down. In the absence of a vaccine, the residents of the district have to wait. Health department officials say that there is a shortage of vaccine not only in the district but in the entire state. Adequate vaccine may have to wait a few days. Because according to the ongoing discussion at the departmental level, the government is making adequate vaccine arrangements for large-scale vaccination in the coming days. Along with other districts of the state, the work of vaccination will be accelerated in the coming days. There were only 900 vaccine doses in the district, out of which most people were vaccinated on Saturday itself.

According to the District Immunization Officer, 881 persons were vaccinated against Kovid-19 in four sessions organized at two centers operated in the district on Saturday. Of these, the second dose was given to four persons above 60 years of age. At the same time, a total of 29 people from 45 years to 59 years were vaccinated with the second dose. A total of 843 persons from 18 to 44 years of age were vaccinated with the second dose, one for health care workers and four for front line workers.

Seven infected, 14 healthy, now 109 stable patients

Khargone (Rep. of New Zealand). During the last 24 hours 7 corona infected patients were found in the district. At the same time 14 patients became healthy. According to the Chief Medical and Health Office, now there are 109 stable patients left in the district. 47 patients are in hospitals and 62 patients are in home isolation. One person has died in the last 24 hours. A total of 231 patients have died in the district so far. So far 13 thousand 911 people have been positive in the district and 13 thousand 571 patients have been discharged. In the last 24 hours, 1447 samples have been taken in the district. So far 1 lakh 85 thousand 059 samples have been tested in the district. Out of which negative reports of 1 lakh 69 thousand 432 persons have been received. Negative reports of 1499 persons were received in the last 24 hours. Now 655 reports are yet to come. On Saturday, 283 beds remained vacant in the district hospital. Along with this 276 filled oxygen cylinders as well as 33 Remdesivir injections are now in stock. No new positive patient was admitted to the district hospital on Saturday. One patient has been discharged.