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Also ready to give salute plasma to blood donors

Also ready to give salute plasma to blood donors


Dhar (Nai Duniya Rep.). Salute to the young donors in the district, who are taking responsibility by donating their blood before applying the vaccine. Due to these youths, 375 units of blood are stored in the blood bank of the district. It has also helped Jhabua district in odd circumstances. The district should not have any problem for the next one month. For this, the youth have strengthened the blood bank.

In the era of corona virus infection, where many negative things come to the fore, the same thing is also coming out that our youth are not backing down from their responsibilities. They are donating blood continuously. Here, now they are also aware of donating plasma. However, the problem is that there is no facility to donate plasma in the district yet. It is not possible to get this facility at the district level. In such a situation, its options are being explored. It is believed that this system will be connected to the Medical College of Indore in the next one or two days so that the youth can easily get donated plasma. Please tell that young people cannot donate blood immediately after the Corona vaccine is applied. A guide line was issued by the Health Department of the Central Government regarding this. Under this, youths cannot donate blood for 30 days. In such a situation, the youth of the district started donating blood before applying the vaccine. The result of that is that about 375 units have been made available in the bloodstream of the blood stream. Recently, this blood was also sent to Jhabua district as and when required. Not only this, those who have been infected with young corona virus are also coming forward to donate plasma. Due to this, the administration including Industries Minister Rajwardhan Singh Dattigaon is going to take special initiative in this matter. The process will be duly announced in the next one or two days. It is believed that all the basic preparations required to donate plasma will be here.