Bhopal Crime News: Drinking alcohol by mixing one-and-a-half-year-old innocent friend with cold drink is critical


Bhopal Crime News: Bhopal, Navdunia Representative. A shocking case has come to light in Roop Nagar, located in the Ashoka Garden Police Station area of ​​the city. Here a man drank his friend’s one and a half year old innocent son in a cold drink by mixing liquor. This worsened his health and he had to be hospitalized, where his condition is still critical. After getting the information from the police, a case has been registered against the accused and he has been taken into custody.

According to Ashok Garden Police Station ASI RK Gautam, Sheikh Feroz lives with his family in Roop Nagar. He does personal work. He has one and a half year old son named Shaikh Shaheed. All the people around him cherish him a lot, sometimes even taking him to his own house. Sandeep Bhatia aka Chhotu remains lame near his house. He does personal work. He has a good friendship with Sheikh Feroze.

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On Friday evening, Chhotu Langda reached Sheikh Feroze’s house and started feeding his son. He took him out of his house on his lap and sat on a platform. While he started drinking alcohol, he also drank an innocent one and a half year old boy while drinking alcohol. On the other hand, when the son did not return for a long time, father Sheikh Feroze started looking for him. He found Chhotu Langda sitting on the platform and his son was seen doing a puking nearby. When he asked Chhotu about it, he started to give a furious reply. When asked strictly, he told that the son had drunk the liquor found in a cold drink. During this time, the child got sick and he fainted. Her father immediately informed the police. Police reached the spot and took the accused into custody. The child is admitted to Hamidia Hospital, where his condition remains critical. He has been kept under the supervision of doctors.

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