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Bhopal News: Online counseling of MCU professor employees and students is being done

Bhopal News: Online counseling of MCU professor employees and students is being done


Bhopal (Navdunia Representative). Considering the increasing impact of the corona and increasing the death toll, counseling is considered necessary. Especially when their interactions are going on with this disease, the fear of corona has increased even more in the minds of people. Something similar is seen in Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism and Communication University (MCU) students, teachers, staff and officers. More recently, after the death of a professor, people are getting more nervous. Free psychodynamic counseling service has been started for such people. After the formation of the Kovid Response Team, an online counseling service has now been started. Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. KG Suresh said that this counseling service is helping to alleviate the mental depression and stress in people due to the growing infection of Corona. He told that this time there is more panic-like situation in the people than last year. Counseling is very important to deal with it. Under this, Karthik Gupta and Dharitri Dutta Gupta of AKG Avhems Medical Center are providing psychological counseling over the telephone to the students, teachers, staff and officers of the university. Every day, they are getting around 40 to 50 calls of nervousness and stress. Karthik Gupta is available for telephone consultation between 6 to 7 pm on Monday and Friday and Dharitri Dutta Gupta on Wednesday evening from 6 to 7 pm. Female employees and female students can contact Dharitri Dutta Gupta. It may be noted that the university had formed a Kovid Response Team for its erstwhile Corona-affected students, teachers and staff and their families, providing them medicines, medical facilities and other essentials.

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