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Make investigation and drug distribution system strong for control: Collector

Make investigation and drug distribution system strong for control: Collector


Chhatarpur (Representative of New Zealand). A meeting of the District Task Force Committee constituted for malaria eradication was organized in the Collectorate meeting room, in which Collector Sheelendra Singh said that along with seasonal diseases like malaria, be vigilant for the prevention of the third wave of Kovid infection. For disease control, make proper arrangements for investigation and distribution of medicines from now on.

The Collector said that it is very important to take precautions to control malaria disease. Give medicine to the patient on the day the malaria test report is positive. Refer to district hospital in case of serious case. A response should be taken from the BMO if there is a delay in the distribution of malaria drugs. CMHO Dr. Vijay Pathoria, Civil Surgeon Dr. MK Gupta and members of District Task Force Committee were present in the meeting. The Collector instructed the Civil Surgeon that the doctors should compulsorily come to the district hospital at 9 o’clock at the appointed time and make such arrangements only at the scheduled time. The Collector said that doctors, ANMs and health workers should stay at their headquarters, the salary of those who do not do so should not be withdrawn. ANM in all gram panchayats should make the villagers aware for malaria control, in this work the employees of women and child development department and urban bodies will cooperate.

Be careful to prevent malaria

The outbreak of malaria increases with the rains. In such a situation, people have been asked to take precautions to prevent malaria. People have been advised not to allow rain around the house and water stagnation in pots, pots, tyres, vases, kitchens and gardens. Fill the cooler, water tank, pot and water pot once a week after drying it, add burnt oil or kerosene in the filled water. Sleep with a mosquito net, wear full arms while sleeping, and get tested immediately if you have a fever. ANMs and other health workers have been asked to make people aware about this.