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Former CMHO’s son also dies after wife

Former CMHO’s son also dies after wife


Umaria (AboutGyan representative). The son of former CMHO Dr. Rajesh Srivastava posted in the district died on Saturday. This young man named Rinku Srivastava is said to be suffering from corona. Earlier, Dr. Srivastava’s wife also died from Corona. It has been learned that Dr. Saheb himself is suffering from this disease, and is serious but despite being such a big officer, he has not followed the rules of Kovid till now and continues to treat himself at home. As a result, first his wife and son also lost their lives. According to the information, several days ago, the entire family of Dr. Srivastava was infected with corona, but instead of going to the district hospital at Chand Kadamo, he kept on treating himself at home. Due to which his wife’s condition became critical, he later died. His son also died yesterday. While the entire health department is mourned by this incident, there is also anger among the people due to the negligence of a responsible officer. However, the former CMSO is still at home.

Hospital Campus

Dr. Rajesh Srivastava’s entire family lives in the CMHO residence located in the district hospital complex. Dr. Srivastava’s wife was ill, despite having complete symptoms of Kovid infection, Dr. Srivastava neither got her Kovid tested nor got her Kovid Proper Treatment. Khud continued to treat him at home. Not monitoring the deteriorating health properly, not providing them oxygen support or shifting to ICU raises deeper questions. Eventually she was digested at home and died last week. Dr. Srivastava tried to cover up the case by calling his death a heart attack but his funeral was confirmed to be corona infected as per the Kovid guideline. Since all this fellow doctors of Sadhvi Dr. Srivastava knew this, they pressurized Dr. Srivastava to get the Kovid test done. After which the Kovid test of all the family members was conducted in which the whole family of Dr. Srivastava of Maya Chakkar was found to be Kovid infected.

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Negligence in funeral also

With regard to these two deaths, not only in the minds of the people, but also in the minds of all the doctors of the district hospital, there is a great shock and great surprise. They do not understand that any doctor can do such Himalayan mistake. Dr. Srivastava does not seem to be worried about the staff, not only in the matter of his family, because at the funeral of the son, many employees attended the funeral without PPE kit. The most amazing thing is that Dr. Agarwal himself was seen sitting in a motorcycle with a PPE kit. Not only this, he threw away the PPE kit in the middle way, while he should have disposed of it in the proper way.