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Gayatri Mahayagya performed

Gayatri Mahayagya performed


Behrawal. Havan was performed between 9 to 11 am in every house on the occasion of Buddha Purnima under the auspices of All World Gayatri Parivar Shantikunj Haridwar in village Behrawal. Due to the corona, devotees worshiped by staying at their homes. Wishing Lord Mahakal and Ved Mata Gayatri, praying to God to free the corona of the country including the family and the village by dedicating sacrifices with Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra from the incense containing the medicine.

Bike rider dies due to vehicle collision

Baroda On Thursday, a bike rider was hit by an unknown vehicle at Madakota culvert on Agar road, 5 km from here. Due to which the bike rider Arjun Singh’s son Ram Singh (45) resident Garbadha died on the spot. According to the events, Arjun Singh was going to his village Garbadha from Baroda and was hit by an unknown vehicle. The Baroda police established a post-mortem of the corpse and handed it over to the family members.

Reward declared for receiving information of two kidnapped girls

Shajapur Superintendent of Police Pankaj Srivastava has announced a reward of Rs 2,000 each for those giving information about the two girls abducted. According to the information received In the case recorded on January 2, 2021 in Vadodia, in the case of missing father’s daughter Rugnath Malviya village Kharkhar resident, in the case recorded on 11 December 2020, in the case of Narayan Singh, father Sawant Singh Malviya, a resident of Gadrakhedi station, and made every effort during research. But even the missing person has not been detected. In view of this, Superintendent of Police Shrivastava has announced a reward of two thousand rupees for those giving information for the purpose of obtaining public assistance to search for the missing, kidnapped and to ensure the arrest of unknown accused. The name of the information giver will be kept strictly confidential.